Organization profile and structure

Nepal Veterinary Association is a government approved national organization of veterinarians established in 2025 B. S. Presently, NVA has about 965 member veterinarians including 29 foreign vets.
a. Central Executive Committee
b. 7 provincial committees
c. 2 Sister Organizations:
                                              i. Veterinary Practitioners Association Nepal (VPAN)
                                                         ii. Nepal Veterinary Students’ Association- Rampur (NVSA-Rampur)
                      International affiliations:
                                 -World Veterinary Association
                                 -Federation of Asian Veterinary Association
                                 -Common Wealth Veterinary Association
NVA Central Executive Committee Structure
o President-1
o Vice-president-1 
o General Secretary-1
o Secretary-1
o Treasurer-1
o Editor in Chief-1
o Central Members-5
Other members
o Immediate Past president-1
o VPAN president
o Provincial Presidents - 7