JVMA Training Program

We are happy to announce new recruitment on Training Program for Asian VeterinariansⅡ (TP-FAVⅡ). For the new batch (from April 2020 to March 2021), 16 Asian vets will win the opportunity to join training program in Japan.

 “General Information(G.I.)” and “Application form” are available here. Please submit the application to  Nepal  Veterinary Association office.


Application period: Till August30, 2019

Number of candidates: 2 candidates will be pre selected.


For detailed information, please refer to attached “General Information”. We deeply appreciate your understanding to TPFAV and your generous cooperation.

Note: English (or Japanese) fluency is a prerequisite to apply for TP-FAVⅡ. Taking TOEIC L&R Test for example, 600 or higher score is desirable.