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National Conference of Nepal Vety Association

Kathmandu, 26th March, 2012

Nepal Veterinary Association is organizing its tenth national conference 28-30 March at Pragya Bhawan in Kamaladi, Kathmandu with the theme "Veterinarians for Safeguarding Animal, Human and Environment".

The conference will be inaugurated by the chief guest of the inauguration ceremony his honorary Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Special Guest Dr. Faouzi Kechrid, president, World Veterinary Association will also be addressing the conference.  640 veterinarians from the country and abroad will be participating in the conference.

Livestock sector, contributing 17% to national Gross Domestic Product of the country and 28% to gross Agricultural Domestic Product, is evidently contributing towards poverty alleviation, employment generation, food security and nutrient availability. In the present context when there is demand that the veterinary profession be timely developed and changed as per the social, cultural and political changes nationally and internationally, and increased awareness level of the consumers, Nepal Veterinary Association is organizing the tenth national Conference.

Even today due to their inaccessibility towards modern technology, studies and  research findings, majority of livestock farmers are confined to subsistence farming and the Nation has to import powder milk, meat, medicines, live buffalo, goat and sheep equivalent to billions of Rupees annually. Veterinarians have a major role in: alleviating the widespread problem of unemployment  by attracting the educated unemployed youth towards commercial livestock farming and formulation of livestock business plan; animal health; animal nutrition; animal breeding and breed improvement; market management of livestock products; and implementation of Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act, 2055 BS to ensure the availability of hygienic and safe meat to consumers. In the present context of World Trade Organization, open economy and globalization it is necessary that international qualities are met to ensure import substitution and export promotion. The major responsibility for this has been imparted to the Veterinarians internationally. Veterinarians have a major responsibility to alleviate the losses from transboundary animal disease, zoonotic diseases and epizootics and hence safeguard public health.

During the conference commencing with the main slogan "Veterinarians for Safeguarding Animal, Human and Environment", various veterinarians, entrepreneurs, farmers, social workers, as well as other national and international dignitaries will be honoured recognizing their contributions toward livestock development in Nepal. A blood donation campaign, participated by 73 people, was successfully organized on 23rd march, 2012 as part of the Conference.

More than 60 scientific papers will be presented, discussed and interacted upon during this national conference. The papers will concentrate on: increase in production and productivity of animal and animal products; national demand and supply management; quality assurance of animal products; formulation of national livestock development policy; preparation of concept paper to enhance the access of public towards veterinary services for income generation and poverty alleviation; international achievements in the veterinary science and their utility; and other professionals problems faced by the nation.

The conference to be participated by planners, scientists, education experts, veterinarians, livestock farmers, entrepreneurs and businesspersons working nationally and internationally in the field of livestock development will be an opportunity to exchange technical knowledge, skill and experiences on cost effective livestock farming and livestock health.

It has been hoped and believed that the conclusion of the conference, participated by distinguished nationally and internationally  renowned scientists from the field of veterinary science and related science and all the veterinarians from the country, will principally contribute not only towards planning, implementation and evaluation of livestock development plans but also will impart technical energy to the technical human resources of the country which will result into self sufficiency of the country on the production of safe and quality animal products and control of diseases transferred between animal and human.

The conference will conclude with institutional and policy level discussions of the association, internal activities, bidhan amendment and future karyadisha related strategic discussion and election of the new executive body.